As long as it fulfils its main function of waterproofing a building, the roof is largely ignored but using roof space to grow plants can bring surprising advantages. Recognising the enormous potential of roof planting, Hodge Single Ply Roofing has teamed up with green roof specialists, Blackdown Horticultural Consultants, to provide lightweight low maintenance green roofs. A planted roof is not only visually appealing reducing the impact of the building on its natural surroundings but has numerous environmental benefits:Energy costs are reduced- the planted layer provides effective insulation preventing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

  • Rainwater run-off is reduced- water is held in the planted layers. Less water runs off the roof and what does is released slowly so that the drainage system is not overwhelmed. The remaining water is taken up by the plants and released into the atmosphere.
  • Sound transmission through the roof is greatly reduced.
  • Air quality is improved- the plants remove carbon dioxide, release oxygen and water vapour, and ‘trap’ pollutants.
  • Wildlife is provided with undisturbed habitat.

The lightweight planted roof system is based on the following elements built up on the waterproofing layer: Protection/moisture mat.

  • Drainage/water retention layer.
  • Filter fleece.
  • Lightweight growing substrate.
  • Plants chosen to withstand the harsh roof environment.