Constructed By Cowlin Construction for £77 million. It has 1984 bedrooms and New Student Accommodation units. This state of the art eco-residence has been redeveloped by partners University Partnership Programme (UPP) and provides single standard, en-suite and studio accommodation, with its social activities and open air swimming pool, 6 various buildings between M2, 340m2 & 720 m2.

Super fast program these roofs were completed in 2-3 weeks each and on some building carpets were being installed at ground level whist the roofs were being install
top level timber frame buildings with brick outer finishes complete after the roofs were installed. Commenced contract in February 2011 complete October 2012, Constructed during College term times working around students.


IKO Spectratex Fleece & Spectraplan SM120 Dark Grey inseam fixed with IKO plates and screws, full encapsulated parapets Spectra trims and Spectra membrane some on Fleece, some adhered due to weather restraints, Spectraplan walkways and free standing Hand rails.